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MZ 1000

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MZ 1000


MZ 1000 is one of the machine Hitronic SAW/MZ series.

  • Advance IGBT Inverter technoligy. Inverter frequency is 20khz, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the welder
  • Great reduction in magnetic obviously enhance the welding efficiency and energy and energy saving effect.
  • Switching frequency is geyound audio range, it almost eliminates noice pollution.
  • Arc Voltage compansation function providing a good condition fir welding
  • Constatnt Currunt output and stable arc, ensuring hi-quality welding.
  • The power source can be used for submerged arc welding MMA welding and air carbon arc gouging.
Parameters Specification
Input Voltage (VIN)AC 415V + 15%
Input Frequency (HZ)50/60
Rated Input Power (KVA)63.95
Rated Input Current (Amp)84
No Load Voltage (V)72
Output Current Range (A)112-1000
Rated Output Voltage(V)44
Force Range(A)0-100
Duty Cycle (%)80
No Load Loss (W)300
Efficiency (%)85
Power Factor0.93
Insulation GradeF
Housing Protection GradeIP 21
Electrode/Wire Dia (MM)3.15 - 5.00
Weight (KG)85
Diamention (MM)760 x 380 x 820
Output Cable70 mm2

Standard Accessories:

  • Gouching torch
  • Earth clamp with cable

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